Did you know that 21% of Canadians deal with…

I’ve got a glass of wine in hand as I am writing my “Monday Update” with the new Netflix release “Brene Brown’s Call To Courage” playing the background- it’s the perfect end to the busy weekend.
The weekend consisted of a Friday date with Jamie taking in Thomas Rhett and a little country music and Saturday had Tony and I attending the Governor General Awards. Both shows were incredibly entertaining- but I was truly  inspired by the work being done by Canadian talent on the world stage at the GG’s. I was also really excited for my former Sir Robert High School “Head Girl” Sandra Oh and her well deserved recognition.There was a very cool buzz at the National Arts Center as people mingled in their fancy attire and took in the celebration of the arts throughout the evening.
It was such a busy week, dress shopping wasn’t an option. I ran over to my girlfriends house to borrow a dress. I loved the back of it (thanks Erin).

I also really enjoyed speaking at Natural Resources Canada for their celebration of Administrative Professionals Day. The reception from the staff and the audience was amazing and I found great joy in sharing my story. My transformation is ongoing, as I compare it to the journey of a butterfly but it was really nice being able to offer tips, tricks and motivation for making smarter decisions when it comes to our health and lifestyle.

As for this week’s “Living your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast:
Integrate, Empower, Recover…

It is estimated approximately 21% of the population will meet the criteria for addiction in their lifetime. We associate this typically with drugs and alcohol but it extends beyond that with food, sex, gambling etc. For some, it’s a foreign concept and yet for others it hits much closer to home.

Addiction has the ability to ruin lives on every level, and yet even at the darkest of times, there is hope. Hope for many, is all they need….

At the age of 19, Gord Garner’s drug addiction had moved far beyond the occasional weekend bender to hard core daily use of crack cocaine. By 24, death seemed like a much more realistic future than anything else. And yet, Gord continued to beat the odds.
At the age of 56, after decades of being in and out of treatment centers, between jobs, homes and relationships- the possibility of living clean seemed within reach. Nine years later Gord is the man behind CAPSA, The Community Addictions Peer Support Associations helping others who suffer from substance abuse disorder.

CAPSA has a vision where individuals affected by addiction have access to support when seeking help without stigma or discrimination- where recovery focused services and support are based on collaborations and partnerships- and where everyone is welcome.

We also talk about Gord’s shoes- the only pair he wears.
Imagine a world where you live in shame, eyes drawn to the ground, unable to hold your head up high. Gord knows whats its like to always look down- and so, when meeting with others who battle substance use disorder (no longer using the word addict) the shoes become the starting point for dialogue.

If you are suffering or you know someone who is- please check out their website http://www.capsa.ca and look into some of their programs including the upcoming “Recovery Day”.

The podcast as always will be released on Thursday.

Have a great week everyone,
Lianne xo