CBD, Cannabis, A little Black Dress and Making Money….


It was a sea of red and black at Domaine Perrault Winery for Melissa Lamb’s baby shower. With the RedBlacks colours as the suggested attire for the day. I will be honest, I feel I missed out on this pregnancy. For years, Melissa and I shared every aspect of our life in the early morning hours as we would apply our makeup, do our hair and get dressed for CTV Morning Live.

For years, she listened to my endless stories of sleepless nights, tantrums and parenting woes. I miss that I didn’t get to see her tummy grow by the day, the baby move and kick or rest my hands on her belly in between commercial breaks. Plus, having had to survive two pregnancies on TV,  gaining 50 plus pounds, and trying to stay “fashionable” I would have loved to see her pull it off so much better than me. However, it was nice to reconnect, see Nigel make the surprise drop in and celebrate the upcoming arrival of her baby boy.

All About The Dress:

It was an amazing night at the National Arts Centre. They held their Golden Gala, celebrating 50 years in Ottawa. Certainly special for bringing world class performances to the city, as well as establishing and creating their own. The fundraising event raised over $725 thousand dollars for programming and education of the arts. I love sappy music, love songs and lyrics that make you think. As a result, it was awesome to hear Sarah McLachlan talk about her songs and the stories behind them as she played with Alexander Shelley and the NAC Orchestra. It was breathtaking.

As for the dress… I just loved this little black number from Colori. As you know, I loved wearing their clothes on the show and continue to profile their collections when I am out. Even more, they have some great new pieces coming out and I was thrilled this number was ready to go. You can always shop the store online at http://www.colori.ca and remember to use my discount code LIANNE15 for a 15% discount. Rather, to give you perspective that you don’t need to spend a fortune, this dress is priced at $89.95

Living Your Life w Lianne Laing Podcast : Bonus Edition!

I am beyond excited to finally tackle the topic of CBD on this podcast! Are you cannabis curious? The more I explore the discussions around CBD, Cannabis and medical marijuana the more I am intrigued. Autism, anxiety, ADHD, insomnia, PTSD, seizures, pain relief, Parkinson’s, ageing, gut health, sex drive. Consequently, all seeing the use of CBD as treatment for patients of all ages. Even more, its confusing, its scary, its an adjustment to how many of us think. However, there are some amazing experts available to hold our hands and lead us down the proper, educated and researched path.

Dr. Mary Clifton is an internal medicine doctor with over 20 years in both hospital and private practice. She is a published author, national speaker recognized CBD and Cannabis Expert and has the incredible website www.cbdandcannabisinfo.com . As well, the website is like an encyclopedia of wealth. Talking about everything you can possibly think of when it comes to this topic. Also, she is the Science and Research Editor for Cannabis Magazine and the Medical Director for Live Well Naturall.

Furthermore, if you are looking for ways to cook with CBD – she’s got a cookbook ready for that as well. Her scientific knowledge is outstanding and I am grateful she took the time to explain, discuss and break things down for us. Please take the time to look through her material and website. As well as the products and companies she feels are going about this the right way.

Her podcast went live this morning 🙂

Living Your Life w Lianne Laing – Thursday Release:

I’ll be honest, I have been targeted over the years by numerous companies like Arbonne, Isagenix, Beach Body, Body by Vie and the list goes on. Each message is beautifully crafted. With a compliment and then a suggestion that I would be perfect for a product and an opportunity to have increased income.

I’ve politely declined them all.

With that being said- my role here is to provide information, knowledge, tips on living your best life and so I wanted to explore more. Recently, I was introduced to a beautiful and incredibly warm woman Dr. Delrae Messer. Consequently, I knew she would be perfect person to explain, share and inform us on the world of Isagenix.

Who better to learn from than one of their top leaders and performers. From someone who earned 6 figures within her first 6 months with the company. Most noteworthy, after having spoken to her I know its not about closing the deal. But rather about building relationships and a community.

Briefly, a former track and field athlete, Delrae went on to become a chiropractor while also creating and developing her own neutrocutical line. However, she walked away from it all to join Isagenix. A single mother of 2, a  life changing decision and a topic worth exploring. Dr. DelRae Messer, is CEO of Free Life Global, a global health and wellness company committed to helping people transform their lives through nutrition solutions.

We hit it off within two seconds of meeting and felt like the energy in the room could change the world for the better- thats always a great feeling to have 🙂

Counting down the days!

I am on serious countdown for the “Lianne & Friends Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise”. The final details are coming together and I am getting so excited!

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Thank you so much,
Much Love,
Lianne xo