If You Build It, He or She, or maybe They will come!

How else do you quantify putting all your ideas, thoughts and aspirations under one umbrella? You build a website or to be reasonable, with no tech ability whatsoever, you hire someone to build it with you. So just days after I left CTV Morning Live, my initial meetings began with Duane Kennedy, the President/Founder and Kati Oliver, Account Manager of Pondstone Digital Marketing. Over a coffee at Bridgehead, and with my new laptop in tow, we sat down and I started to feel like my new life had begun. I had an idea and a concept and we went from there.

Fast forward a few months and hundreds of emails and we are ready to launch. I wanted to be able to offer people the same educational content I was doing on CTV Morning Live, just be able to do it on my own platform. As many of you know, my podcast, Living Your Life with Lianne Laing, was the first thing I really wanted to get out there and it was exciting to finally see it listed on iTunes and Google Play. You will be able to find the podcast as well as the video recording of the podcasts in the podcast section on the website. They will be updated weekly.

My health and fitness section will offer trainer tips, which will be updated frequently as well as kitchen tips and recipes. I am not a trainer, or a nutritionist but I do love being a storyteller and so this website offers me the ability to do just that. I love writing and the blogs offer me a way to better express myself and the information I am looking to provide. I hope you find that through my writing, you can hear my authentic and genuine voice.

A huge thank you to Kati Oliver who has been my main contact with Pondstone for months. Kati and I laugh often at the amount of emails we both have from the other, and she has been a genuine support system through all of this. She has kept me on target with homework assignments and guidelines and almost always said “No Problem!” with the requests I made.

While Kati was busy dealing with me, Nick Humphrys was plugging away behind the scenes working on the technical and creative side of the content. I really appreciate him meeting my vision.

The website will have its growing pains and I’ll need to monitor what works and what doesn’t, as well as what people are really looking for.

Please allow it the time to grow and mature into what it’s meant to be. I would be more than happy to hear your thoughts. I have more videos ready to go, so there will be new additions as we get this underway. Starting from scratch and building something new is terrifying and exciting at the same time. I seek adventures and new challenges and want to enjoy this journey and the rollercoaster that comes with it. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and learn from the content I can provide.

So, here we go, liannelaing.com is ready for lift off! 😊