Be inspired and heal from within…

EPIC! That’s the trip we have planned for you!

Words cannot express the gratitude I felt Sunday afternoon after hours of brainstorming with my amazing experts joining me on the “Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise” along the Danube. Despite missing Korey Kealey at the table, we talked about the concept, and what we each brought to the table, but more importantly we focused on what we hoped people would take from the experience. Can we inspire, motivate, educate, teach and transform people on their own personal journey?  We believe we can, and we have some amazing ideas ready to go. We worked on breaking down each experts concepts, workouts or workshops in the time and place to compliment that part of the trip. This is still a total five star holiday/cruise with food, drink and indulgence. There is still a cruise director, cities, sites and views that you can only find on a river cruise. We are simply in a position to have a ton of added value to share. Mind, Body, Soul, Transformation, Fun! If you are looking for more information on the trip that leaves Budapest on Oct 20th, 2019 please check out the website and be on the lookout for great new promos coming your way. The time to book is now!

As for this week’s ” Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast I ntroduce you to Dr. Nemanja Baletich aka Dr. Nemo. The founder of Oneness Medicine is a former Ottawa U Gee Gee’s basketball player whose holistic approach to medicine has led him to study around the world and at some of the top medical institutions. With Harvard on his resume, Dr. Andrew Weil as his mentor and his name on published medical papers Dr. Nemo is a true game changer. We talk about medicine from a very different perspective which goes far beyond actual medication to the healing powers of meditation, food, love, environment and visualization. Dr. Nemo discusses the tools he used as an athlete to help shape the way he studied and performed in difficult medical situations. In addition to continued athletic aspirations, he also models, and considers himself an amateur filmmaker. Name it, he’s done it. I was in awe of the energy and passion he has for integrative medicine and his ability to share it with others in a way that makes them want to change for the better. For future med students this is a must listen and for anyone who believes in the power of healing this is a great one for you.

As always, the podcast will be released on Thursday morning. The links to the podcast are always available at the bottom of this newsletter but you can head  to my website for additional links or to listen. I truly appreciate the shares, likes and comments which continue to help “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” grow. I am also looking for companies to get on board the “Podcast Partnership Program”.

Also, thank you to Ladies Who Lunch for the amazing “Power Lunch” at the National Arts Center. I loved being a panelist and sharing my journey since taking that “leap of faith” from the world of broadcast television almost a year and a half ago. Can you believe its been that long! Wow! I was as honest and real as I could get and appreciated the warmth and encouragement from the amazing woman in the room! If you are an entrepreneur looking for encouragement, mentors and networking, Catherine Landry has done a great job cultivating this event. You can find plenty of information on the “Ladies Who Lunch” Facebook page!

I hope you have a great week- its another busy one for me- but I am checking out on Thursday to celebrate my moms 70th birthday. I’ll fill you in on how it went next Monday!

Much Love ,
Lianne xo