Back on TV- And Its No April Fools…For A Few Minutes At Least :)

I’m heading back to my old stomping grounds on Wednesday morning for an 8-20 am interview on CTV Morning Live. I am really looking forward to seeing my old crew and being back in the building.  I’m excited to be talking about the “Lianne and Friends Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise” and I’ll be joined by one of my experts Korey Kealey. We will have product and smoothie demos with some of the products that will be on board the ship and a chance to talk about the partnership with The Health First Network and their Canada wide sweepstakes to win your way on the cruise. This continues to be one monstrous passion project and I can’t wait for it to all come together Oct 20th. If you are looking for additional information for the cruise you can find all the info at

I had an opportunity to talk about my cruise at The Crush It For Cancer event this weekend at the Infinity Center. The event managed to raise just over $113,000.00 for the Ottawa Cancer Foundation. The event introduced the participants to a number of new ways to move their body- including some glow in the dark drumming.  😊

I also had an interesting conversation with the multi talented and super diverse Tuan Nguyen for my “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast this week. I found it impossible to find the proper title to make his introduction based on the fact he wears many hats. Chief Health Genie, A Gangsta Budha, Master Hugger, BizDad, Thought Leader, Speaker, Connector and the list goes on. For all you dads out there, this one is for you- as we focus on issues affecting men/dads, sometimes overlooked by moms. We talk about the changing dynamics for an entrepreneurial mindset, parenting roles, expectations and being “present” in the upbringing of our kids. This embraces self care, sacrifices, risk taking and so much more. Once you are captured by Tuan’s chat- I know you will be looking to follow along.


I am also looking into creating a second podcast each week which will be of the more “Out Of Town” flavor. I have so many amazing contacts and experts around the world that I would like to include them in our conversations. This won’t be done in studio but rather of the Skype/Facebook/Zoom variety. I will keep you posted with upcoming details (once I figure them out).

I hope everyone has a great week!
Much Love,