Awareness is a really cool thing – has this happened to you?

I am not sure if its the meditations, or the books I have been reading  but I seem to be taking in my environment and nature with an added sense of awareness and reflection these days. Do you ever catch yourself seeing something you have seen hundreds of times, but one day see it with a new set of eyes? Roads I’ve been traveling for years look different- a tree I never knew existed stands in the middle of the field- has it always been there? Now I actually go out seeking it- what else have I been so closed minded too or maybe it just seemed I was too busy being busy to care and notice. I can’t go back- I simply notice it more now and take the time to take it in.

I’m even trying new things- like Yoga. While we were away we got in a yoga class on the lake. It was a perfect setting to try a class I should have done years ago. I really enjoyed the stretch and movements but I was also happy that I packed a few bands and tools to get in a dock side workout too. “Never Leave Home Without It”.

I love this picture from our recent 48 hour getaway to our friends place in the Muskokas. The sunsets seemed made for me to soak in. I’ll be honest, at this moment I was reminding myself to enjoy the quiet and solitude since the next step from there was to head back to Ottawa and pick up the kids from camp.

With that being said- Welcome back to reality! The first thing to check off – the month worth of laundry from camp. This was my Sunday. In fact, I am writing this update with the fourth load currently in the wash, the 3rd in the dryer and the first two waiting to be put away in their respective drawers and closets ( I give it another hour before I start yelling for them to please put it away). Only 7 or so more loads to go 🙂
Have I mentioned I am happy to have them home…carpools kick in in 24 hours! Woohoo!
We go back to the basics this week for my “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast. Jonathon Dipierro joins us from OPEX Ottawa. OPEX aims to be that one stop shop for individuals looking to be accountable for their daily goals. They provide a service which has one person and an app I should mention targeting your fitness, nutrition and self care activities. Don’t check in- they will check up- don’t show up- they come knocking 🙂
Some of us require more attention on our food intake while others need the motivation to get out the door and moving. We try and hit on many factors that hold people back from reaching their potential. Since we taped the podcast last week I have tried to actually sit when I eat, and take five deep breaths prior to consuming food- Jonathon offers up a few tricks he enjoys sharing with his clients. You can find more information about OPEX at
I’ve got some great new guests lined up to wrap up the summer and lead us into the fall. It feels great to know that authors and wellness experts from all over the US are looking to book in on the podcast. I am trying to figure out how to get them in!

Meditations are awesome as I continue to explore new methods, voices, sounds and goals for the time I spend dedicated to it. I am truly grateful that I stopped being stubborn and opened myself to trying something new. I have slowly been doing the same with my water consumption. Never too late!

Have a great week everyone and I will see you back on the Tuesday since Monday is the long weekend!

Much Love,
Lianne xo