And then Monday comes around again…

Have you ever had one of those weekends where you were so insanely busy that by Sunday night you were in desperate need of the weekend? In addition to the actual “Back To School’ reality of drop offs, pick ups and endless forms, work was also in full force. The week had been insane. There were two podcast releases and the recording of another two. As well I had back to back days on set with Jamie as she wrapped her portion of filming for an upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie. Over the weekend between the girls we had 8 soccer games to get too, my brother and his family in town, an inaugural charity event to be at, and an end of season party. On our last drive home all we could do was laugh. This is the rollercoaster we signed up to ride, so might as well lift our arms in the air and take in the ride. And I am smiling. An Instagram post made earlier in the week described the joy in doing the “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast and seeing the audience growing by the day. Thank you with all my heart.
Living Your Life w Lianne Laing Podcast:

School’s back in session, and with that lunches, after school snacks, breakfast options, sports and activities.

Now let’s throw in the approaching cooler weather, colds, flues, anxiety and stress of the schedules and I know I would rather stay in bed.

We are crossing off a few things on the podcast checklist today; From snacks and meal prep to essential oils for sleep, stress and focus as well as immune boosting foods for the fall. We also hit on a very personal and important topic when it comes to eating disorders.

Holistic Nutritionist Lindsay Mustard is making a mark for herself on the health and wellness scene. She provides women who are struggling with emotional eating and self confidence help with crafting the body and life of their dreams. Its comes with passion and experience.

It wasn’t an easy road for Lindsay, a hockey player for 15 years. She struggled with an eating disorder and image dysmorphia for 5 years. Lindsay is open and honest about how the illness almost killed her, how she hid the eating disorder from her family, and how the people who helped her recover and get healthy are the inspiration for the work she is doing today. She is young, passionate and well informed.

Currently wrapping up her studies to become an osteopathic practitioner she is looking to emphasize reaching optimal health with whole foods, exercise, yoga and essential oils.
You can also find Lindsay hosting her own podcast called “The Healthy Essentials Podcast”.

OMG….We are in the countdown for the “Lianne & Friends Awaken A Better You Wellness Cruise” which sets sail in under two months. I am trying not to freak out, panic and overwhelm myself with the finer details now. We have around 20 cabins still available. So if you are someone who loves to make last minute plans and be incredibly adventurous- we would love to have you on board with us.

This is a trip with amazing people looking to explore cities along the Danube River, while enjoying amazing food and drinks on a five star cruise. In addition to all of that, we have amazing health and wellness professionals on hand to throw in some awesome workouts, seminars and workshops. They are optional, and you can choose to do as many or as few as you would like. There is plenty of information about the experts, itinerary, cities, tours and so much more on the website

Speaking of amazing opportunities:
I want to apologize that my link for my friend Amanda Oreilly’s SHINE event coming up at the end of the month was not directed to where it needed to go in last weeks newsletter. For those of you who were interested in attending (it would be an amazing to see you there). The proper link is
You can use the code LIANNE to receive 10% off the ticket.

Please continue to subscribe, like, comment and share the podcast and I continue to ask for any feedback or suggestions you might have for me. I really do appreciated it.

I hope everyone has a great week,
Much Love,
Lianne xo