All Aboard!!! Pathways To Preventative Health!

What a whirlwind weekend! I spent it walking the floor of a trade show meeting people, learning about their products and finalising deals. I attended the Canadian Health Food Associations show at the Metro Convention Center in Toronto and was completely overwhelmed by the size of the show and the amount of companies and products involved in the Health and Wellness industry. I was the guest of Marsham International, a food brokerage company who has been interested in partnering with me on the “Lianne and Friends Wellness Cruise.” With over 80 health food brands, Marsham saw a great fit in profiling some of their products with the “health and wellness” theme of the cruise. With this new partnership will come an amazing sweepstake package, title sponsor, prizes and brand support. Some of these amazing brands are Manitoba Harvest (Hemp Hearts & Protein), Blue Diamond Growers (Almond Breeze Non-Dairy Beverages), Wholesome (Agave Syrup), Coco5 (Sports Hydration Beverage) and the list goes on. I will be announcing more brands already signed on – in the coming weeks!


With that being said, the date for the cruise has changed from August 2, 2019 to October 20th, 2019. For those of you who may be new to the newsletter or some of my current projects this 7 Day wellness cruise with Expedia CruiseShipCenters Ottawa will travel along the Danube river leaving Budapest on October 20th. I have recruited 6 amazing “experts” to be on the cruise with me. As to not make this newsletter too long, for more information about the cruise and the experts please head to the website.

I will actually be at the Fifty-Five Plus show at the EY Center with Expedia Cruise Ship Centers Ottawa this Friday to chat with people about the cruise and what they can expect. We are targeting a slightly younger demographic for this river cruise – and by younger it means shifting the thought from over 65, to more on the over 45 side (I will be closer to 45 when the ship sets sail – at least a little shy of it 😊)!

Oddly enough I have also been profiled in the Fifty-Five Plus Magazine this month. The article was meant to be published in A Family Living Magazine but with changes in the publishing world, my article ended up there. Many thanks to Alyssa Delle Palme for the article. I think she did a great job at telling my story which was still pretty fresh when we met over the winter.

As for my Living Your Life with Lianne Laing podcast this week – I was actually taken aback by my time with Exec Health President Sanjay Shah. Heading into the podcast I wanted to ensure that this wasn’t a sales pitch for private medicine since most people listening (or watching) like myself don’t have the means to afford this kind of service. I wanted to get valid suggestions and tips on how we can better manoeuvre through the medical system and take control of our own preventative health. Sanjay was incredibly honest and forthcoming in what works with our system and where we can improve. He praises many aspects of what the Canadian government is able to provide. With that being said, he gives us an interesting perspective on how to take certain aspects into your own hands. I learned far more in this podcast than I expected too and hope you are able to ask yourself some of the same questions I asked myself when we were done.

Since the release last week of Adam’s podcast – I have done some google searches on Hillsboro, Oregon. It seems that a number of people from that area were interested in the podcast. I’m wondering if there is an underground spy training facility there – if the podcast was used in a classroom setting or if a secret group of hackers were taking notes! In any case, “Hello and thanks for listening” to all of you in Hillsboro!

As always you can find the links to all episodes of my podcast on my website.

I also have popped up on Facebook these days with a new ad from Oil Changers. It’s the first time I got to show off my new car – which happens to be my 6th Jetta. I guess brand loyalty sticks with me (you’re welcome Hunt Club Volkswagen) 😊

I hope everyone has an amazing week.

Much Love,
Lianne xo