A Year To Celebrate & Learn!

I typically write these newsletters from my dining room table (sitting in chairs that were never meant to be used – but that’s another story). Instead I’m in a hotel room in Scottsdale, Arizona for a little pleasure and a lot of business.

I’ve come here to meet with a small group of health and wellness entrepreneurs from the “Campfire Effect” led by Chris Smith. As I have mentioned in some of my letters and social media posts, I continue to be in search for my purpose since leaving CTV Morning Live. My passion project, my podcast, Living Your Life with Lianne Laing has taken off but I continue to struggle/juggle with the exact path I should be on. I’m being pulled in too many directions. I knew from my athletic background, that sometimes you need guidance from a coach. Chris has been that guiding force for me over the past few months and I’m excited to meet him in person. By the time you read this update, I will have already put in a few hours and likely divulged my entire life story. I hope to find some clarity through the course and come home with a renewed sense of where my energy and efforts need to go.

That being said, I have also had two amazing days with one of my very best friends Taryn, hiking, shopping, eating and laughing. It’s been wonderful to get lost in my thoughts on our hikes up Camelback Mountain and Lost Dog Wash Trail. The hikes lasted over two hours and offered a wonderful chance to reconnect with nature, take in the scenery and enjoy where life takes us when we decide to put one foot in front of the other. I’ve attached a few pictures of our hikes and, of course, I included the self-imposed mandatory handstand.



Speaking of amazing adventures – I really hope you have taken the time to listen to the podcast with adventurer, explorer and ultra marathoner Ray Zahab. It’s an amazing story and if you are in need of motivation through the early stages of your New Year’s Resolutions, his words will help. If you need to feel that anyone is capable of doing remarkable things, listen.

I am truly grateful to so many of you for listening to my podcast. Can you believe its been a year already? When I looked at the calendar and saw that my first podcast went out on January 20th, I had to really do a double take. Dr. Sean Murphy from Murphy Chiropractic was my first guest and it was only fitting that, as we approached the year anniversary, he come back on. What I didn’t expect is that he came armed with questions which flipped the table on me. I think because of the years we spent together on the show, our relationship blossomed into a real appreciation for the other’s passion for what they do. Dr. Murphy continues to study and research new ways to help his patients, and his most recent interest will have you tilting your head. Here’s a hint – depending on which way that head tilts, helps give Dr. Murphy his answer. Let me know what you think 😊


I’m looking forward to sharing my experience here in Arizona with you again next week.

Have a great week everyone!

Lianne xo