A year older and maybe finally wiser…

Yes- It’s my birthday…And yes- seeing the numbers on the cake threw me for a second. Am I really 44? How is that possible?
And then I realize I have a daughter heading into High School who laughs when I mention the family telephone was attached to the kitchen wall and I traveled to a computer lab in University to write an email.  While I will admit, I didn’t think I would be rebuilding at the age of 44- I am hoping that as I age, in good health, I continue to grow spiritually and that I can learn to appreciate the smaller moments in life and not just the milestones. For those of you who actually read the updates through ( and thank you to those of you who do) you will notice that at the end of the updates I have written small blurbs about my new practice of meditation. I can now admit I am fully hooked and crave the sessions as much as I do my morning coffee. I am creating a new way of thinking and trying to put the negative chit chat in my head to rest. As I mentioned in a previous update I loved the book “The Untethered Soul”  by Michael Singer and his follow up “The Surrender Experiment”. I also came across https://www.gaia.com/ and loved their content. They have great posts on both Instagram and Facebook as well. I really enjoyed their film “E-motion”.  Let me know what you think.
I am really excited for this week’s “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast release with Registered Holistic Nutritionist Stephanie Kay. I feel like we cover a lot of ground and I tried to hit on many of the topics she writes about in her blogs. Here is some of the sample list 🙂
“Why you should eat bone in meat”. “11 Low Carb Food Swaps”, How To Eat For Healthy Skin”, “11 Ways To Eat More Fat”, “9 Signs You Are Addicted To Sugar”, “12 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight” and “Why You Should Rethink Cholesterol”.
Known as Big Red, Stephanie is here to share her views on real food, crash diets, self care and is determined to explain why learning to cook is the single greatest thing you can do for your health. You can find some great content on Stephanie’s website https://kaynutrition.com/
As always the new podcast will be released Thursday morning.
I hope those of you on vacation continue to unwind and regroup.

Its down to the final countdown for booking in for the “Awaken A  Better You Wellness Cruise”. I feel like we are creating new opportunities and some great companies are coming on board. If you have any additional questions please fire me off a note. http://www.signaturecruises.ca

Have a great week everyone!
Much Love,
Lianne xo