A Hallmark invasion and outlook on Special Strong

Hallmark Christmas Movie Now Part Of Mine:

My daughter Jamie found herself a brand new family for a few days while shooting the Hallmark Christmas movie “The Double Holiday”. The movie premieres this coming Saturday night at 8pm. So, if you get the Hallmark Channel enjoy. As it turns out, The Woman’s Network here in Canada doesn’t show them all at the same time. We did find the movie on CityTv on Dec 24th. I had hoped to do a little “Premiere” for Jamie but its kind of hard with the unknown.  This is one of two movies Hallmark has launched this season that include a jewish storyline, perfect for Jamie’s on screen debut. Her audition consisted of singing while lighting the menorah (something she is well versed at doing).

Jamie was enamoured with the entire movie making process and cried so hard when the movie wrapped. She expressed how her “fake” family became a “real” family over the process and she would miss the crew. In those moments I knew she was really passionate about acting.

Shooting the movie

They shot the “winter” themed movie during the crazy August heat in a number of areas around Ottawa. The poor actors were sporting turtle necks and jackets while the crew enjoyed tank tops and shorts. While I was very familiar with camera angles, shots, audio and scripting, seeing it all come together was really quite fun. I am looking forward to turning on my TV Saturday night and seeing Jamie looking back at me….with a fake mom, and aunt, brother etc.

Once the movie has aired, I will be adding some moments to my Instagram story. (so I don’t get in trouble by network). 🙂

I hope you enjoy some of these pics for the time bring 🙂

Living Your Life w Lianne Laing Podcast:

How many viral videos have had an impact on you? They either make you laugh or cry, some may have inspired you, others question how you would have reacted in similar situations.

I caught one a couple months ago that made me stop, rewind, and watch again. It was a video of a teenage autistic boy with physically disabilities as well opting to leave his wheelchair behind and go for a walk. His name is Brandon and the video taken by his trainer garnered over 6.8 millions views on LinkedIn and 150 million combined views on other forms of social media and through news outlets. His trainer, Daniel Stein is the man behind Special Strong. This wasn’t an overnight miracle. It was years of building up to the moment- was well worth the investment his parents made, Buy Brandon a new wheelchair or invest in therapy.

Special Strong has been instrumental in helping hundreds of clients who live with a variety of conditions. Some of which include autism, Asperger’s, down syndrome, ADD, spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, victims of stroke and more. Based out of Texas, Daniel also created certify strong. Helping other trainers all over the world to get certified in helping train people with special needs…
You can find more information https://www.specialstrong.com/

Going into the holidays

It’s a hectic week as we head into the holidays with final gifts to purchase and crossing names off the list. I do hope you are able to find joy in the process.

Please reach out to a loved one, a friend, a resource if you are struggling through the holidays. And please feel free to send me a note if you need a little encouragement.

I am not sure how I will work the newsletters over the holidays. However, I will keep you posted on the podcast releases which will continue as usual on the Thursday release dates.

Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, Happy Holidays!
I am excited for new content into the New Year…
Much Love,
Lianne xo