Moms, power lunches and strategies for families…

I hope everyone’s Mothers Day was as good as it could be. I always find it such a sensitive thing to bring up. I remember when I was hosting CTV Morning Live that we would focus on “Mother’s Day” gifting, events, and activities  for weeks in advance and I knew that for some of the audience it was difficult to watch- people who might be grieving the loss of a mother, or grieving the fact that they might not be able to birth a child etc. I guess I am more aware of this, since Father’s Day often had that same response for me in the years following the death of my dad Jeffrey.
I was able to share a beautiful brunch with my mom before the activities and the sports schedules kicked back in for Sunday night. I think I am just fortunate that I see my mom all the time, and that at any given time I can typically say- “Mom I need you” and she’s over within five minutes. I hope in those times she realizes how grateful I am for the bond we share. By the way, my mom is a fascinating woman and she did a great job as a guest on my podcast early on…hint hint….you should check it out 🙂

Speaking of my “Living Your Life w Lianne Laing” podcast. It’s quite fitting that this week’s guest is Parent Consultant & Child Behavior Specialist Sylvia Corzato. I laugh that growing up- if my mom was counting to three and she got past two and a half I was in major trouble. I’ve tried to implement the same discipline with my girls….with little success 🙂
Sylvia is the founder of Success in Steps. Her company provides help to overwhelmed and frustrated parents who seek to spend less time on challenges and behaviors and more time enjoying their family. We talk about strategies for implementing rules and expectations. Autism plays a big role in her previous work with CHEO and it became a platform to help her see the need for continued work with parents.
You can find more about Sylvia at

If you haven’t seen some of the social media promotion for the Ladies Who Lunch upcoming event I wanted to share it here. Janine Charon, the creator of her T.I.G.E.R Method joined me on my podcast not long ago and is hosting this coming session on May 23rd at the National Arts Center.  I am really honored to have been invited as a guest for the panel discussion with other powerhouse woman and entrepreneurs.  Take a look at the promotional material and if you would like to find more information check out

By the way, I added a few new meditation sequences to my repertoire focused on stress and productivity. I can’t say I am any more productive, but its still incredibly early in the process. The important thing is that I am sticking with it. Anyone else new to meditation?

I loved this image my girlfriend (and expert on my Awaken A  Better You Wellness Cruise) Amanda Oreilly posted on her Instagram page. While I am not angry, I can get frustrated and I think this image is a great visual reminder for me 🙂

I hope you have a fantastic week.

See you back here next next Monday

Much Love,
Lianne xo